Hi, I'm Aurora,

I help women transform the way they see themselves, love themselves, and show up for themselves through self-awareness, internal resources, and empowering practices such as meditation.

At the age of 18 I jumped on a plane by myself for the first time without knowing this would be the start of my self-discovery journey. A few years later, I started my Instagram as a way to express myself and connect with others. At the time I had a hard time finding my place in the world, I felt there was something bigger for me out there than following the traditional path that was being drawn for me. Fast forward to today what was back then a feeling, became not only my job but also my purpose in life, which is to help women reconnect with their inner power.

I left my cozy life and followed my intuition....

I’ve naturally always felt attracted to entrepreneurship. However it is only when I learned to root into my power that I really started to thrive. And helping you achieve the same sense of harmony with yourself and your business is what lights me up! I want to be the one showing you that YES you can build a successful sustainable life (& business) that is also nourishing, supportive and aligned with who you are.

That's why I teach meditation

Surprisingly meditation has been in my life since middle school, I didn’t see it at the time, but it’s during my dance classes that I started practicing meditation. Today I realize that meditation has really helped me build a strong foundation to be confident in myself and to grow into the person I am proud to be. Meditation is a life long journey to live in harmony with oneself and if this isn’t the best feeling in the world, I don’t know what is!

Where it all started...


InHer Circles

monthly events

InHer is an open, safe, loving place and an opportunity for women to gather, reconnect with themselves, interact with others, and reflect on their life.

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