5 Thought Patterns to Break to Start Living the Life You Want

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Thoughts are a powerful thing. Even though we aren’t our thoughts, they can have the ability to control our lives and daily decisions. Thoughts can indeed propel us closer to our dream lives, or they can keep us from growing at all when they introduce themselves as limiting beliefs. What is a limiting belief, you ask? It is a thought that you believe to be true (which usually isn’t) that limits you in some way. And guess what, friends?! That ends now! It’s time to start freeing yourself from the beliefs that keep you from moving forward. I encourage you to really consider the thoughts that you have, and become aware of any patterns. Instead of allowing your thoughts to control you, I want you to try to control your thoughts. Choose positive thinking! I know it sounds hard, but it’s doable. We just need to shift our mindsets, and don’t worry, I’m here to help. 

I’m going to take you through five super common thought patterns that people have that keep them stagnant. Now, please take the time to think about whether this is a thought that personally affects YOU. Once you become aware that it’s happening, you have already made a huge step closer to the person you want to be and the life you want to live.

Let’s get into it!

“I am not enough.”

I know we’ve all probably had this thought at one time or another during the course of our lives. It’s so easy to get stuck in this way of thinking. We’re constantly keeping track of what other people are doing, and we tend to internalize it without realizing. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has looked at another person’s success and wondered if I’d ever get there. Theodore Roosevelt said it best when he said “Comparison is the thief of joy.” It’s true, really. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others because all it does is hold us back from reaching our full potential as individuals. 

I want you to try thinking in a different way. Instead of “I’m not enough,” I want you to think “I’m doing my best and that IS enough.” Powerful, right? What a lovely way to speak to yourself. We often afford others leniency while not giving ourselves the same respect. Don’t be so hard on yourself, friends. We’re all human and we’re all working toward personal goals in our own time. Interestingly, self-confidence is rarely based on a person’s abilities. It’s actually related to your own self-perception, which sometimes isn’t reality. 

Guess what? You ARE enough. Let’s work on elevating our self-esteem. It will change your world if you focus on learning and embracing who you are, believing in your abilities, and trusting your own judgment. Having a healthy self-confidence is directly connected to mental wellbeing, and it’s time to live your BEST life.

“What are they going to think?”

Why do we care so much about what other people think? It’s honestly a big problem. We give other people’s personal opinions more weight than our own. And for what? It doesn’t benefit us in any way. Instead it creates additional stress and anxiety that wouldn’t exist without this particular thought. And I’ll fill you in on a little secret that I discovered a while back – we can’t control what other people are going to think. So why not be unapologetically yourself, right? 

No matter what we do, people are going to think what they want. And it’s none of our business to know what those thoughts are. So let’s stop worrying about it so much. When you cut this thought pattern out of your life, you’re freeing up more space to consider what YOU think. Your thoughts and opinions are the MOST important in your life, and that’s all that really matters. Make sure that you’re happy with you, and that’s it.

“I’m not ready.”

Meditation relaxes the mind. If you’ve never meditated before, it feels like your mind is just … present. It’s seriously such an amazing feeling, and the inner peace it provides allows for improved brain function. Once your mind is more grounded, the irrelevant thoughts leave the forefront and give up room for things that are more important. Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you couldn’t hear yourself think?! I know I have. With a present mind, your intuition is more obvious because you can hear your inner voice much more clearly. And, having a sharpened intuition is a brilliant asset when running a business.

Mindfulness meditation requires peace and quiet during your practice. When you allow yourself the time to enjoy the silence, you’re giving yourself time to decompress both the body AND mind. What a gift! We live in a time where we’re CONSTANTLY bombarded by technology and noise, and getting distance from the online world will do your mind some good. Without technology overload, you have the space to find your own creativity apart from the influence of others.

Also, don’t forget to be aware of your spinal alignment. Strong core muscles and proper posture are super beneficial to having a healthy, correctly aligned body. If you’re struggling with correcting these issues, seeking treatment from a professional such as an osteopath can help.



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