How Both Masculine and Feminine Energy Benefits My Business

masculine feminine energy

One of my favorite topics to talk about is the use of both masculine and feminine energy. Every person has the ability to use both masculine and feminine energy, it does not depend on your gender. We have both types of energy within us, and we can choose which one to use at any given time. Masculine and feminine energies are meant to work together, not compete with each other. They are complementary, and both offer many benefits when they are used in the right situations. 

In today’s society, everyone is often more encouraged to tap into their masculine energy. It is rewarded regularly, while feminine energy is downplayed. So, most people are constantly choosing masculine energy without even realizing it. I think it’s important to self-reflect on the energy you are using in your daily life, and make a conscious effort to involve both the masculine and feminine instead. The feminine energy has so much to offer, and can indeed be a great asset!

What is Masculine Energy?

Okay, so I want to give you a better picture of what masculine energy looks like. Once I tell you more about it, I think you’ll realize that masculine energy is way overused right now. You might be doing things in your masculine energy that you didn’t even realize! 

Masculine energy involves anything that is more active and outwardly projected. You are probably using masculine energy when you are focused on the hustle, and deprioritize needs like rest and relaxation. Doing and planning are both activities that utilize masculine energy, and that’s how many people spend most of their time nowadays.

Some traits of masculine energy include :


Now, don’t get me wrong -these are all wonderful traits to have and use in our businesses and in our lives. However, they are not the ONLY beneficial traits. If you’re only tapping into your masculine side, then you’re missing out.

The Benefits of Using Masculine Energy

There are many benefits to using masculine energy. Oftentimes, masculine energy helps to provide structure. Being organized is something that is absolutely necessary when running a business. Being an entrepreneur is hard! And most of the time, organization is one of the best ways to keep everything under control. 

Another benefit is that using masculine energy leads to action. Planning and forming a strategy are both parts of masculine energy that we need to run a business. By doing so, we can take action and make things happen. We drive ourselves forward using masculine energy in many ways. It provides us with guidelines to follow, and gets us from an idea to a result.

What is Feminine Energy?

Now it’s time to delve deeper into feminine energy and what it means! I personally love using my feminine energy, and I think that it is super beneficial. Feminine energy is often overlooked as an important part of our beings as individuals, but I want to change that. 

Feminine energy is much more passive and receptive than its counterpart. It’s not celebrated like it should be with the culture that we live in right now, but I want to encourage you to start exploring what feminine energy can do for you. Building connections with people is hugely important in life and in business, and guess what?! It’s a trait of feminine energy! Using it also helps us live in the present moment, and not spend too much time analyzing everything that is happening around us.

Some traits of feminine energy include :


I know that these traits don’t sound like they will be all that useful when it comes to business especially, but please trust me when I say they are very valuable. Using your intuition and creativity is an amazing advantage in business. It can help you solve problems creatively and can give you an idea of which direction to take your business as well.

The Benefits of Using Feminine Energy

In my opinion, one of the biggest strengths in using feminine energy is being intuitive. When we focus on our intuition and use our senses, we’re able to pick up on cues that others do not. Historically, the workplace does not think intuition is a benefit, but I’m here to tell you that it is. People tend to favor data and fact over intuition and feeling, but both play a role in innovation and success. 

Being caring and empathetic will also be a major strength because it will help you make connections. In business, caring about others will help people working with you feel more comfortable and will grow talent. It’ll also inspire a strong work ethic because people that feel seen put in their best effort. Passion and purpose are often found in an environment where people feel valued. 

Feminine energy also leads to enhanced and productive collaboration. Everyone has different strengths, and everyone has different weaknesses. Recognizing that is vital to running a successful business. If you’re a solo entrepreneur, this might look like choosing to outsource some tasks that you’d prefer not to do. This is a great benefit because then you can have someone completing tasks for you that is their best strength and it also lessens your own workload. 

When we connect with others, we also have the opportunity to experience different perspectives. Tunnel vision is never good, and by knowing people that come from different cultures, backgrounds, etc., we have a more thorough understanding of the world.

How I Use Both Energies in My Business

I find it very important to use both masculine and feminine energy in my own business. The tasks that I do on a daily basis that support how my business runs overall are usually part of my masculine energy. On the other hand, the more creative or connection-based aspects of my business are usually more feminine.

Here are some examples of my masculine energy tasks:

Negotiating contracts
Writing to-do lists
Setting goals
Writing emails
Administrative tasks

Here are some examples of my feminine energy tasks:

Connecting with clients
Attending networking events
Content Creation

I know that I wouldn’t be able to successfully run my business without tapping into each energy. Both play a key role in growing and scaling my business. I wouldn’t be nearly as successful in my goals if I utilized one and not the other.

Let’s Get Started Using Both Types of Energy

Now that you have a better understanding of what both types of energy means and why they should be used, I want you to take the time to do some self-reflection. Think about the energy that you find yourself using the majority of the time. If you feel like you already use both equally, that’s amazing! If you do use one more than the other, that’s okay. Trust me, it takes some practice to change how you approach certain situations, especially when we have societal expectations to deal with as well. 

I want to stress that BOTH masculine and feminine energy are valuable and worth our time. Once you start using both, you will see a huge difference in both your business and your personal life.

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  • I really like this post… it makes so much sense! You did a great job explaining the differences between the two types of energy. I agree with you that both types of energy are important. I use feminine energy more, but there are some things I do that come from my masculine energy.


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